A CARRIAGE WORTHY OF SPECIAL NOTE (for railwaymen аnd children) 1995, situation, objects, video


At the railway station Plovdiv, a carriage with textual marks on its both sides “A Carriage Worthy of Special Note” is made up in the express train PLOVDIV – SOFIA. Dr. Gatev, the author of the project a cameraman goes by the train in the carriage. At any stations to Sofia where the train stops: Stamboliiski, Pazardjik, Septemvri, Belovo, Kostenets, Ihtiman, Vakarel, Elin Pelin, Gara Iskar, Poduene and Central railway station Sofia, the chief of traffic’s reaction to the unusual element in the train is video-documented. Immediately with the arriving on the central platform og Sofia station the video material is played on a screen.
An other part of the campaign is the engagement of The Factory for Wooden Children Toys “Detski sviat” – Yablanitsa. One of the small carriage of 100 items of wooden trains is marked with “A Carriage Worthy of Special Note”. These 100 small carriages are shown on a shelf at the platform from where they will leave for the children stores.




Carriage04… аnd children