HIDDEN THREE-DIMENSIONAL 1995, performance, exhibition

For the good line of men’s garments the tailor put hard pads1 in the front parts of the clothes. They are made from one or two layers of tailor’s canavas, one layer of horse-hair and a layer of lining. All these three or four layers are sewn together with dense stitches in their upper half (close seams are made with the sewing machine). After that the seamed pad is put to the head treatment with the iron2. It is pressed on a special wooden mould till it obtains its characteristic, three dimensional form. Twenty seamstresses3 are engaged in the last stage of the production of the hard pad – “the heat treatment” with the iron.
The same action performed by my father is displayed close, up on the screen.

1. Today the line of the outer garments is achieved by adhesive cloth.
2. It is hardly achievable with the light iron.
3. In the past most of the tailors occupied with the needlework of men’s garments were men.