ONLY POSSIBLE WAY (gallery – cause, mine – effect) 1996 multimedia


Locations of the Action:
– The open-air mine “Elatzite” (near the city of Etropole, 90km North-East of Sofia) and the tunnel connecting “Elatzite” and the village of Mirkovo (near the city of Zlatitza, 80km East of Sofia).
– Gallery
The trucks FAUN-100 (4200/4200/8800mm), which are used at the open-air mine, have bigger dimensions than the entrance of the tunnel. In order to overcome this “problem” I am building up a scale model of the truck (1000/1000/2000mm) which will be able to enter the tunnel (the dimensions of the entrance – 4000/4500mm).
After the actual live realization of the truck’s entry into the tunnel, the truck-object is transported to a gallery. For this purpose a sealed model of the tunnel, which represents the actual impossibility of the real FAUN truck to enter the real tunnel, is built-up in the gallery.